About us

About us

We give our customers the peace of mind, that their mission critical components are reliably connected. Being a global, long-term partner, with experts who are committed to quickly solve our customer’s connection requirements, we can consistently provide the high-quality solutions needed for a reliable connection.

This is why for over 75 years leading global OEMs consistently turn to Oetiker. And this is why we are able to produce over 2 billion of these connections - clamps and quick connectors - every year!

Products and services

As the original inventor of the ear clamp and the global leader in connecting technologies – Oetiker’s clamps and rings are made with quality that you can rely on.

The Oetiker Group provides best-suited connecting technology solutions matching global trends and customer requirements within Passenger Vehicles, such as Passenger Cars, 2 & 3 Wheelers, Light Commercial Vehicles and All-terrain Vehicles.

Furthermore we bring expertise, insight and understanding in connecting technologies for mission-critical applications within Commercial & Industrial Vehicles, such as Trucks, Busses and Construction Vehicles.

Also the Oetiker Group offers experience and understanding in connecting technologies for high-value Industrial Application fields such as House & Garden, Medical and Aftermarket.

ToothLock® Ear Clamp 293

360° StepLess®: uniform 360° compression and uniform surface pressure
ToothLock® Technology: very high and permanent compression rates, outstanding expansion resistance
Enlarged ear width (17 mm): enhanced clearance for easy assembly, extended diameter range
Security hook: prevents unintended opening during transport
Closed interlock: smooth outer contour supports injury-free installation
Burr-free strip edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped

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WingGuard® Strap Clamp 270

WingGuard®: unique winged band-locking mechanism provides high holding force and fully encloses all sharp edges
Low profile design: space efficient
Burr-free strip edges: reduced risk of component damage, before and after assembly
Large diameter range: one clamp size suites a range of application diameters while providing ample clearance for easy assembly
Easy to assemble: single step electromechanical Oetiker FAST 3000 tool = fast, economic and reliable assembly

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ForceTree® Multi Crimp Ring 150

Full material cross-section over 360°: constant pressure applied uniformly around the circumference
Flexible diameter reduction: high, adjustable surface pressure, very easy to install
Nominal diameter up to 120 mm: suitable for universal application, in particular for thermoplastic components
Low installed height: minimum space requirement, no imbalance on rotating parts
Aluminium version: reduced weight
Specially formed strip edges: reduced risk of damage to parts being clamped

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Oetiker India Private Ltd.
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News & Innovations

WingGuard® Locking Mechanism

The innovative WingGuard® feature is highly space-efficient and provides a very low profile design. The WingGuard® Strap Clamp has a very low spring back effect and a high residual holding force. To close the clamp, the strap is tensioned to a pre-determined closing force.

Subsequently, two wings are cut and bent to create a permanent interlock, maintaining the precise diameter. The remaining band is then cut completely flush with the housing edge and the residual band is removed for recycling. The wings and cut strap are fully enclosed within the housing envelope and therefore the clamp has no exposed hooks or edges.

This results in design and installation with no risk of damage to surroundings, e.g. sensitive airbag fabric. The innovative locking mechanism in combination with an universal band offers a wide diameter coverage.

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